pop chips retail display @ Costco — Methodic Environments
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  • popchips retail display
  • popchips retail
  • popchips retail
  • popchips retail
  • popchips retail

popchips @ Costco

Design Objective: popchips approached Methodic Environments to create a mobile point of sale display unit that would  effectively display their new product line and capture brand awareness within the Costco retail space. 

Design Solution: Methodic created 8 “Snack Shacks” that traveled to various Costcos around the country. The shacks were fabricated with a steel frame, supporting branded sintra paneling. The units also had storage and were wired to broadcast music and announcements via a PA system. A special app was also developed to track real time sales of the specific store that each unit was assigned.  This allowed popchips to easily  implement their nationwide road show of Costco locations.

Experiential, Retail