Orbs Neich Custom Trade Show exhibit @ TCT Conference
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  • Orbs Neich trade show exhibit Las Vegas
  • Orbs Neich trade show exhibit Las Vegas
  • Orbs Neich trade show exhibit Las Vegas

Orbus Neich

Methodic Environments collaborated with Orbus Neich for their booth at the 2105 TCT Conference in San Francisco.

Design Objective: Orbus Neich requested a modern, open and inviting area with eye catching signage for the event.

Design Solution: A 20’x30′ booth was designed with a reception counter which flowed into a coffee bar and private meeting room. A screening room was fabricated where buyers could watch a live feed of the various lectures taking place. In regards to signage, 2 large tension fabric cubes were created to draw the buyer’s eye from a distance.

orbus neich